Not so normal Wednesday

She sat at the bar by herself bopping up and down to the beat

Every move she made was carried out with such bliss

From her hands to her feetnms_2693

The image of her was so hard to dismiss


She had done this before and that turned me on to her even more


One glance in her direction and my heart was racing

Her radiant smile that was always showing was not hard to find

But if I couldn’t see it I found myself pacing

She wasn’t trying, yet she was taking over my whole mind


I pretended not to like what I saw, but she truly had me in awe


I danced around her all night

Making eye contact too many times to ignore the feelings that were present

I hoped she couldn’t see the fascination on my face I was trying to fight

With her sweet aura in a room I think I’d be forever content


I didn’t know this girls name, yet in my head she held some kind of fame


I’m not the type to be wary

I usually have no problem making the first move

But after she put her hand around my hips and started to dance with me it got even more scary

Her innocent touch was ecstasy against my skin as I got in my groove


We danced the night away, on what I thought was going to be a normal Wednesday  

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