Turn where?

They say they are there36278da9b58f49685f94270dcb9cf9ea

They say they care

Yet you still feel as if you need to hide to shed a tear

And your feelings are something never to share

Be strong

Keep on smiling all day long

Its okay to be wrong

As long as you don’t start to sing a sad song

Call me if you need to talk

But don’t you allow your head to hang when you walk your walk

Sick of pretending that you are okay all around the clock

When really you need someone there to be your rock

Turn to me when you need someone

Really let me in instead of trying to run

I want to prove to you that you have the potential to shine as bright as the sun

I just want to see you truly happy when all is said and done

-Destiny Fochtman

*I hope you can relate, this was written for a friend because of a hard time she is going through. You are not alone!*

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