Don’t tell me how to love

Everyone has a different meaning of the notorious word ‘love’

Who’s to say anyone’s idea or illusion is above?

I am young but I am so full of love to give

I want to be in love with someone for as long as I live

I love feeling butterflies rise up in my tummy

I love how everyone has their own scent, each so yummy

I love to listen to people talk about their childhoods and passions

I love knowing what makes people tick and what will get a reaction

I love to give gifts and to see people smile

For you I will always go the extra mile

This all sounds so easy

Like love is all flowers and breezy

But love takes dedication, communication, and time

Its not all about just calling someone mine

Ownership and jealousy is such an unhealthy pattern to follow

I am not meant to be tied down and held back, its not that hard to swallow

I will give you my all and I will love you so damn hard

Just let me show you its okay to let down your guard

Love shouldn’t be seasonal

Don’t you dare say the word if it isn’t meaningful

I love with all I’ve got

Even if I only have one shot

I want to make as many people feel whole as I can

I want to never stick to the plan

I want to be free and dance with everyone I see

I want to have them feed off my vibes and give out high fives

I want you by my side as the sun rises and we kiss in different sizes

I will love you and many others at the same time, but whos to say love should be confined?

Take my hand when you are doubting our flame, look into my eyes and you wont see the same

All I know in this moment right now is I want to see you smile and I want you to stay for awhile

-Destiny Fochtman

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