My only wish is for you to find someone who genuinely makes you a better person. Someone who pushes your limits and tests your fears. A knowledge seeker and a truth teller. Someone who challenges your goals and tells you to reach higher. A big brained, always smiling, beautiful soul.

Once you have them, love them with all you’ve got. Love hard. Love fierce. Always tell the truth and always kiss goodbye. Never go to bed mad and always wake up with a fresh slate. Teach them all you know and create hobbies together. Take pictures and get naked. Alot. Be open and honest and give it all ya got.

If you ever loose them take a breath and then cry for a day….. or a few. Call your friends over and tell them to bring ice cream. Hopefully they are good friends and they show up.. and with the good kind (Ben and Jerry’s just in case you are wondering)  I hope they offer a shoulder for you and a hand to help you back up from the ground you thought you fell on. Try and accept that life is always evolving and feelings are forever changing also. Forever is a long time and there is currently way,too,many,millions of people in this world. You will get what you put into the universe and yourself, so tilt that chin up beautiful and take this day by the horns and be the best you you can be. The people who are supposed to be in your life, will be there. I promise

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