I dreamt of you last night, I couldn’t make out your face but I know it was perfect. I woke up in a panic trying to remember all the attributes of your stunning appearance and personality. See this dream was unlike any before, I know that I dreamt of my soul mate. The person that I am made out of the same star dust as; my twin flame. I don’t remember it all, as dreams go. The dream must have lasted a few hours, but I only remember what my mind will allow for.

I wonder what the brain is leaving out

until you

come back to me

in my dreams

again, love.

We laughed and danced until the sun peeked through the heavy dark clouds above our heads. You smelled like rain, so pure and clean. When I talked you listened with your eyes and ears. You understood me. You kissed my forehead and pulled me in closer to you. You told me that I was beautiful and I knew you meant it, I could feel it. Your hands knew where I craved to be touched and always knew how to find mine. I remember you pulling your hand away to wipe off the sweat from your palm and me grabbing it right back.

You flashed that slightly crooked smile

of yours

and let out a laugh

that I’ve heard

on repeat

ever since.

My senses on overdrive as I try and process the perfect illusion of you that had me intoxicated. I awoke as I felt lips pressed to my forehead, but you weren’t there. Now here it is 2 am pouring rain in a bed without hands that I crave and no face to put with that ever so charming laugh of yours.

I’m not sure

who you are

or when you will find me

but thank you

for existing.

Until then, I love you. xoxo

 -Destiny Fochtman

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