Full faith

Images of you race through my mind

Reminiscing about you is one of my favorite past times

Of the day we shared glances

In a coffee shop

When I saw you again, what are the chances?

Had to ask your name and plot

All I knew was you played the guitar

And sang words of power

You had a smile I could spot from afar

And your eyes spoke of faith at every hour

When you got back into town

We hiked and hammocked, now I always want you around

Your laugh on repeat in my head

Those bright eyes in my dreams

Memorizing the adorable things you said

You keep pushing my feelings to the extremes

We watched the sun set above a set of stairs

We sat intertwined under a sky of pink

Again you told me “you are stunning” with your stares

We didn’t kiss, but our heartbeats were in sync

Our connection was so different for I didn’t feel lust

Yet right away I put my hands in yours, for you I trust

-Destiny Fochtman

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