Willow Tree 2 person poem

Girls lines                                                                                                           Boys lines


He’s gazing into the clouds hovering above us

He finds beauty in the sky

and I find it in our trust

if hes a bird, i’m a bird, I feel as if I could fly

A simple mind complexed with tortuous thoughts

not knowing what to say taking a shot in the dark

the girl beside me has me tied up in knots

she leaves me speechless; always without a remark

While he gazes up i’m focused on him

goosebumps take over my body when we touch skin

his charm radiating all around

lost in thought, we lay beside each other not making a sound

My mind always on overdrive

If I had less fear a new love could thrive

I always have something to say, yet scared how he may react

maybe one day I will tell him how I feel in fact

I know what we both have been thinking, not just today

I tell her there is something I have to say

I look over to her, she is already studying me

And i whispered “I love you” right under that old willow tree

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