Be the change

Im not sure about in your city

But lately mines been showing signs of pity

Looks pretty

But look closer; its shitty

Got lots of committees, people claiming to be hippies

Yet trash is outside “cause I’m too busy”

I feel eerie and sometimes teary

because the theory

of global warming ain’t a theory no more

Poor mother earth is poisoned; sick as fuck

And people just seem to shrug

like they all smug

Earth can and will exist without you

We could go anytime out the blue

Don’t leave your footprint unless its on the moon

We need more good people on this earth

For the rest there ain’t no more room

We need more M.L.K’s and Rosa Parks

Need people to create sparks to top the charts

We need politicians that aren’t sharks

And people to watch their remarks

Throw up peace signs to the cops and homeless

For the cops you wont impress

And the people on the corner usually regress

Cause they got soul even though they don’t got a bank roll

This world is so corrupt

For our priorities are always misjudged

Yeah my spirits are crushed

Cause this world is so unjust, swear its only filled with lust

I might bust

Show love spread love people

Compliment a stranger today

First thing that comes to mind, just say

Do this many times in a day

Give kindness out and it will always come back your way


Help me take this movement GLOBAL


-Destiny Fochtman

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