Let go

Why fight for a love that lies and cheats

Still allowing yourself to be swept of your own feet

Cry and scream when they disappear

Why people crave unhealthy love to me, is so unclear









Don’t open back up that door

They left for a reason

People only want to be around for a season


Why fight for a love that is only there when it’s convenient?

No wonder why you don’t feel decent

Can’t hold an agreement

About what you want and need ALWAYS, not just frequent

Your self worth is so much more important

Before you love anyone else it’s a requirement


No one cares about you as much as you will

Happiness is only something you, yourself can fulfill

If you don’t love yourself and know what you deserve

Then keep your heart on reserve


I’m so sick of trying to show everyone their worth

I swear it’s a curse

Always feel like I’m going up against a much bigger force

If you don’t know what you deserve

then for the pain you feel

YOU are



-Destiny Fochtman

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