Little fishy

We are all fish in the sea

swiming in pods; called families

waves come and then they leave

life is shit then its a breeze


Swim to and fro

pretending we know where to go

get sucked into the current

shaken up and spit back out

just have to get comfortable taking a new route

not sure up from down

All i know is fish don’t have an option to drown


We are all carrying so much weight

be careful not to take the wrong bait


No one knows how much you can take

besides yourself, for goodness sake

No one knows how long you can swim

even yourself; until you begin

show the goodness you hold within

Prove that you can come out stronger

Prove you can hold on even longer


You might have a few good days then wait in suspense

Some days the weight you carry will feel too dense

Others you will feel you can conquer the sea

Just know you are stronger than even YOU KNOW, little fishy

-Destiny Fochtman

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