Heartbreak Warfare

Put on a mask

to hide what is real

said you were my prince

then, like a villain tried to put me under a spell

Told me you had armor of steal

I couldn’t see all the weapons you had concealed

said you would always defend

didnt know promises had an end

Spoke so high, called me a Queen

now I see everything was part of a scene

Slander my name

refuse to take blame

have a big heart yet still cant feel shame?

everything to you is a competition; a game

Spoke in the name of love

the kind you dont fall out of

Yet here you are with my heart in hand

things didnt go the way you planned

so you act out until you get a reaction that you demand

Oh little prince who thinks he is so tough

the armor you wear is full of scuffs

When you wipe your blade after this bloody afair

maybe then you will become aware

I cant fight back if I am beaten down

You have knocked me onto this here ground

You can keep the crown

You have won the final battle for my heart

I cant continue playing any part


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