I know it’s a hard concept to grasp

when you are down this deep

negative thoughts visit even in your sleep

tossing and turning night after night

sometimes dreams feel as bad as real life

Scared of waking in tears

proving to others you actually have fears

days feel like years

when you walk by, but don’t look in mirrors

Cry yourself to sleep

don’t make a peep

tell yourself you are in far too deep

“no one else can understand me”

The tricks your head plays

tells you when it’s sunny you should still be grey

it’s exhausting living every day

not being able to listen to the positive things people say

The bad days will come and so will the good

one morning you will wake up and feel as you should

hold on one more day, allow someone to show you love

it flows from every corner if you look close enough

Please don’t listen to those voices in the midnight hour

for you are loved, beautiful, and enough


-Destiny F.

January 8th 2019




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